Should I be concerned about him liking these pics on insta?

To be honest, I don't mind at all if my boyfriend likes pics of girls on insta. Most of the ones I've seen are like of porn stars lol or just really visual ones like showing their boobs, hanging out with guys on a yacht in bikinis you know just gold digger types. And um no I don't look like that lol which is one of the reasons why I feel like I should be concerned. I feel like maybe he would want me to be more "sexy" and "out there" ? But then again, I remember he told me he likes it when a girl is sexy and she's not showing a lot. Maybe as a girlfriend it's different but still. I should bring up the fact that he didn't want a relationship from the start but we continued dating and eventually got together. So sometimes I feel like he wishes he was single but he wants me too and with these pics, it makes me think he wishes he can just get with one of these girls and not feel guilty about it. Like I said, it doesn't bother me because 1) I get it guys always need eye candy 2) I also like some guys' photos but theyre all like celebs or insta famous. But you know you never know with guys. They're always all over the place lol
Should I be concerned about him liking these pics on insta?
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