Massage for a female friend?

The thing is, he is my friend (we're living in different countries). he visited me in my country and he stayed at my home (i have 2 houses and he stayed at another) actually, i have feeling for him but I don't know his feeling yet. one day he invited me to his house and wanted to massage me !!! when we stayed in his bedroom, he turned down the light and opened music and then he asked me to laid down on his bed. while he's massaging me, I felt so nice and warm. he also fondled my body (not in the sexual part) before massage. he massaged me even my foot (We didn't take a shower yet haha.) Then when I will massage him back, he took of his shirt and let me massage him 😳 But he didn't do inappropriately to me at all. he is an countable person because we're friend for a long time. honestly, it turned on me a bit. i want to ask u guys does he feel sexually or somthing with me, doing like this? For men, while having massage, does it easy to turn on?
Massage for a female friend?
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