Guys... Are You Serious?

Guys... Are You Serious?

I am a busy guy and I don't have a lot of time to meet women in person, so I resort to dating apps, like Tinder. When I talk to women on Tinder (and I am very courteous in my approach), they usually ignore more or instantly accuse me of wanting sex.

I recently was able to convince (after a 3 months of talking) this girl from Tinder to go out with me. On our date, we talked about Tinder and she was telling me about the creeps that contact her daily on Tinder, so she was hesitant to meet me. I told her that I have heard men on dating apps are perverted... but she took out her phone and showed me what a lot of guys said to her on Tinder.

All of the below is real, btw:

"u r a very hot and sexi lady"

"wish i could c that body in the shower"

"Damn... all that ass and I can't touch it"

"I ain't biracial or lightskined or nothin' but GD I'd like to lick you in the middle like a oreo"

"OMG those titties are nice"

"amazing body... that pussy needs to get licked"

"i just got losted in ur eyez... we should meet up"

GUYS... ARE YOU F*CKING SERIOUS? Is this really how you speak to women? How hard is it to spell and sound educated? How hard is it to actually ask a woman how she is doing? How hard is it not to say something sexual? REALLY?
Guys... Are You Serious?
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