Why do women desire big penises?


I hear how the vagina doesn't have that many nerves, and the nerves it do have is only the first 2-3 inches. So why do sooo many women rave about men who are very long and thick?

A thick penis makes sense to me, as it will presumably be thick all the way through, so it can stimulate those first 2-3 inches all the time, whether thrusting in or out, because it would be a tight fit in the vagina. A thin penis wouldn't have contact with the vagina all the way around, possibly, thus making it less desirable

A long penis doesn't make sense to me,

women like the way it feels better
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bigger penis being "more manly" and therefore more desirable
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average (4-6 inches) is all you need
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Why do women desire big penises?
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