Does this mean he has respect for me?

He's always near me, helps me, asks me how I'm doing, smiles at me, is very protective of me, tells me I'm cute, calls me cutie, very nice to me, when I talk to other guys in class he always comes over and is like what are you guys talking about- but he never does that when I talk to girls.
I told him I like him and it seems like he does like me too.. he's a very confident guy but he used to be suuuper shy around me and he's opening up more now. Anyway, I've heard of his friends talking about "bitches he's fucked" and there was this video of him getting a blow Job and I've heard him say "I can get my dick sucked any day by this one slut" which was nasty as hell to say.
But he's so respectful to me (idk I'm confused) and lately when his friends talk about sex and him having sex with them like "oh this girl wants your dick" he's acted different like he's quiet and like "oh I didn't know that"
You know what I'm trying to say... so does this mean he has respect for me because it very much seems like he has an interest in me and likes me... so what do you think?
Does this mean he has respect for me?
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