How the hell do I make my boyfriend more aggressive towards me in the bedroom?

My boyfriend wants slow, romantic sex. I've asked him countless times to fuck me hard and to dominate me and the only thing he has managed so far is to spank me occasionally. It is becoming really frustrating. I've communicated my fantasies to him so many times and he always says he'll try and seems keen but then when we actually do get down he doesn't do any! I've even said, please just dirty talk to me a little bit and then nothing happens! I love my boyfriend A LOT and want us to have a good sex life where we both get something out of it but I feel like my fantasies aren't getting attention. I can't help but think back to how my ex used to fuck me REALLY hard. He used to pin me down and dirty talk to me all the time. I want my boyfriend to do it too but he doesn't seem to listen or get how badly I want him to be aggressive. I feel like that would turn me on soooo much.
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Me and my boyfriend are having sex later.

I told him how horny I was and he was like "cool" and said he's also excited but no passion, nothing. I was kinda pissed so I straight up asked him why he isn't expressive and makes me feel wanted sexually and he said he just thinks our ways of expressing it is different :/

He literally makes me feel like shit for wanting sex. It feels like he has no passion at all towards me sexually.

+1 y
I talked to my boyfriend last night and said I'm not happy. I told him again what I like and said I want this so bad. He then gave me the aggressive sex I wanted. He did me real good and now i can't walk right today :)
How the hell do I make my boyfriend more aggressive towards me in the bedroom?
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