Do guys LIKE touching girls?

Now hear me out. I do know the answer is yes of course. But my question is concerned with the extent of this:

Like it seems like my boyfriend would rather touch me all over than have me do so to him. Like he will spend so much time giving me a back massage (well and butt, he's not a saint ya know xD) and acts like it is, like a privilege or pleasurable or something. And when i ask if he wants me to reciprocate he's like naw, only if you really want to.

Is he just saying that? Like he really want me to and doesn't want to trouble me or what? It is just beyond my comprehension that a guy likes to touch girls so much that he'd rather do that than get a rub himself (i mean if its his penis thats a different story xDD ) but anyway... yeah.

Not that I'm complaining of course but i am just mystified
Do guys LIKE touching girls?
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