What do I do about the guy who sexual assaulted me coming back into my life?

A little more than two years ago I was dating this guy lets call him R. I had known R from high school and he was a major play boy but I still liked him. Well one day he invited me to his apartment. We talked about sex before and I told him if I was comfortable and everything felt right maybe eventually we would, but I didn't want to rush it. Well as soon as we got there he kept kissing me and try to take my dress off and I just froze up. I tried to hold it up but it became useless and for some reason I just couldn't talk. We eventually ended up n his bedroom and he was on top of me and ask if I wanted to... I was scared to say no because one he had a knife he showed me and teased me with, he didn't take me saying I didn't wanna kiss n the car well, and I was just scared to say no because I had been raped by my brother and he'd beat me if I did. So I nodded my head and was crying when I realized he wasn't wearing a condom and begged him to stop. He kept trying to convince me it was ok until I kept crying so he stopped. After that he kept rubbing his penis against me and between my legs and I kept saying stop. He kept saying what and I'm like u know what you're doing, and I didn't like how it felt at all. So i layed on my stomach to make him stop. So he layed on my back and kept rubbing against me saying we could try anal since I wouldn't have to worry about getting pregnant and I was so scared because he weighs more than me and I couldn't breathe. Well after that I ended up giving him oral because he pressured me into it. Well I've been dating my current boyfriend since then and love him deeply. And now this ex has showed up and is threatening my new relationship and I don't know how to tell my current boyfriend what happened between my ex and me. please help because I'm still scared from what happened.
What do I do about the guy who sexual assaulted me coming back into my life?
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