Which girl would you rather marry?

Which girl would you rather marry ?

She is 5'9
Good with kids.
Cannot cook.
Slob tends to leave her panties and clothes hanging about the house.
Speaks 6 languages: Russian, English, Spanish, French, German, and Romanian
Extrovert and loves to go out and socialize
Heavy into drinking
Occasional in club settings takes molly
Has tons of hobbies like rock climbing, snowboarding, doing triathlons and endurance challenges, swimming.
Athletic body
Traveled to many countries and moved around to different places when she was a kid
Has a personality and can hold a conversation with you
Has slept with over 1000+ guys and had nearly over 200+ ONS with guys she let creampie inside of her without a condom.
Is currently on birth controls
Makes 150k/year
Graduated valedictorian from Brown University


Which girl would you rather marry?
Which girl would you rather marry?

She is 5'6
Speaks English and Arabic
Graduated in computer science at king khalid university
Introverted and usually goes out to social/family oriented events with her family
Can cook and clean
Doesn't drink or do drugs
Very religious and praise every morning. As well as, fast.
Drinks water a lot and tends to stay out of the sun.
Has little to no hobbies but likes to paint from time to time.
Average build. Skinny fat.
Went to america once when she was small but spent most of her life living in her country.
Personality tends to be very submissive and she tends to agree with you a lot on issues without question. Conversations are often one sided with no argument or debate every arising between you. You very rarely ever get an interesting conversation from her.
Is a virgin
Makes 75 k/year
Graduated with honors at her university

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Which girl would you rather marry?
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