How do I stop being such a giver?

yes this is about sex. its not that im out here having sex with whoever asks, not even close. i've only had sex with one guy before, i know how to say no and i dont feel obligated to do anything with anyone, but the thing about me is im very sexual and am a giver in bed and at first its really fun for me (like when i just get into a relationship i love sending pictures, having sex, trying new things) but after a while it just feels like a chore. like i have to keep sending pictures and keep pleasing them. its not that the guys i've been with were demanding or anything, but they do enjoy my sexual side and get used to it. like this guy i used to talk to, i felt like i always had to send him pictures. not because he was always asking, he rarely actually asked, but because i could tell he really liked them and wanted them. at first it was fun for me and i loved seeing his reactions, but after a little while i felt like it was just a daily chore i had to do or something like i had to send at least one picture a day. and like i said, he wasn't pressuring me and rarely even actually asked for anything, but i was just too giving to stop or something. how do i stop being like this?
How do I stop being such a giver?
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