Is it strange to be 21 year old virgin?

I really want to know is it strange to be a 21 year old virgin? I had the opportunity to lose my virginity but I just couldn't. That was when I was 20. I met him at my work place. I didn't know him well and I didn't trusted him. We went out a couple of times and he wanted to have sex but I refused. He was really mean about it. After I refused he tried a couple more times but i alredy knew he's not the right person. I stoped seing him or going out with him and after a while I found out he shared that I was virgin with his friends and some of my coulegues at work. I was really hurt becouse that's something personal. I didn't want everybody to know I'm virgin. I have a problem with trusting people. I haven't seen or went out on a date with anyone after him. Somethimes I think I will die virgin and alone. My friends don't help at all. They always say that the longer I wait it will become more difficult to lose my virginity. Is it turn off for gyes if the girl is virgin? I'm starting to wonder if there is something wrong with me. I think the first time is really important and have to be with someone who you trust and love. But maybe I'm wrong. Is it sex that important to gyes? Maybe I will never have a realationship becouse no one will be willing to wait till I'll be ready. I would like to hear someones else opinion becouse I feel really awful right now.
Is it strange to be 21 year old virgin?
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