Are non virgin guys who want to date a virgin girl insecure?

Honestly I can't understand why some people say that insecure guys prefer virgins. I think it is harder to please virgins than non virgins. (virgins think sex is more special than it is and you have to be very good for meeting her expectations). And why should a guy be afraid that her experienced girlfriend may leave him if sex is not that good? I think guys are the one who don't mind girls leaving after sex. lol. If she thinks you are not that good in bed and leaves you then good for you find another girl to score. lol
AND!!! NO ONE EVER SAYS that girls who prefer virgin guys are insecure. So being good in bed only concerns men?
I really really think that "guys who prefer virgins are insecure" statement was made up by non virgin girls who are butthurt that guys praise female virginity cause virginity is smth those girls don't have.

no they just think virginity shows morality and innocence
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no they just want to be the chosen and the only one
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yes they are afraid that a non virgin girl will leave them
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Are non virgin guys who want to date a virgin girl insecure?
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