Would you let your partner do this to/with you? Role playing fantasy rape?

I posted a question a few days ago here on this general topic... but it's about to expire so I figured I'd go a different way.

The background is that we've known each other for more than a dozen years and trust each other. There's no risk involved, no desire for pain, just playful expression of a my own somewhat bizarre fantasy. And she can rape me as much as she wants... not just one way! I am trying to work up to asking her, but I'm worried that she might not understand, since it hasn't really come up in all our time together. "Where's he getting this idea?" I wonder she'll think. I'm also wondering just what I'd do if she said YES, since I might feel self conscious going so far "off script" of our sexual routine.
I'm curious to hear opinions mostly from women but guys too.
No, it's degrading or offensive. So far out side my comfort zone, the zone is a dot in the distance.
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It would take lots of convincing, but maybe not out of the question
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I'd be interested and would go along with it if he made it sound fun.
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Absolutely! I would totally do it, or we're already doing it!
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I'm not sure I made it clear that this would be entirely acted out fantasy play between two consenting, long married, trusting adults. There would be no pain of any sort. I have no interest in actually raping anyone; I even lose my erection if I bump an elbow into my wife and make her say ow by mistake! It's just a weird fantasy I have, that I've played out at the request of a long past girlfriend, and would like to try with my wife, if I can bring myself to suggest it.
Would you let your partner do this to/with you? Role playing fantasy rape?
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