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Do women categorise men? Are they only truly dirty in the bedroom with non "long term" guys? 4 questions?

1. Do women want men for different things and categorize them where they cannot move in between groups? Is anything possible, or are you doomed to a single zone, friend, mentor, lover, kinky lover or boyfriend? E. g. you may not meet people when they are single, so if a friend later becomes single or you become single, is your social circle guy not an option?

2. Will women only be their true dirty self with some men without a good personality/genuinely nice people? And HOW are they coming to the conclusion that some men may judge them or may not?

3. A lovely cute innocent woman, 1 ex boyfriend. FOR THE FOLLOWING MEN, EXPLAIN WHAT SHE WOULD DO?
[SHE MET GUYS 3, 4 and 5 when she was with GUY 1, NOW SHE IS SINGLE]

Guy 1 = a boyfriend. Would she act innocent and be a good angelic girl around and with him?
Guy 2 = a brand new guy she meets when single. He may or may not be a deep conversationalist. He might not be a kind person or long term friend or boyfriend material. So would this guy have her opening up sexually to him very quickly and doing dirty things in the bedroom that she would never do with a nicer guy?
Guy 3 = This friend is a bit of a player in her dance social club. Not long term friend or boyfriend material. Often poses with many girls in the same photo and labels it on fb with "likeaboss" captions etc. Bit brash. Would he get sex at all or dirty sex?
Guy 4 = a friend from university. More serious guy, good with organization, many mutual friends and same culture. Reserved. Speaks a lot on fb and meets up in groups.
Guy 5 = a guy she met at university in her social circle. Doesn't see as often as guy 3 or 4. Charming, funny, attractive and uplifts her with his words. Admires his drive and energy. Probably boyfriend and long term friend material, but from a different cultural background. A gentleman in person and in texting. Excited to hear from him and tell him things. Considers him someone succeeding in life.

4. Who gets kinky sex, solo meetups and friendship for life afterward?
Do women categorise men? Are they only truly dirty in the bedroom with non "long term" guys? 4 questions?
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