How do I show my FWB that I'm over him?

i see him everyday at work. I want to show him I am over him and I have moved on. we are talking again after a week we ignored each other. how do I know he's over me too. thanks!

we are best of friends before the benefits and he was in love with me like even before the benefits started...he only told me his feelings for me when he saw he had competition...:(


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  • Well, if you really are over him, then tell him so. Don't be mean about it, just up front and honest. And as for if he is over you, I doubt he is. If he really had feelings for you, then it will take a LONG time for them to go away, if they ever do. That's something that you two will have to sit down and talk about. It's not going to be an easy conversation, and like the guy said earlier.. There may be no going back now. But, if you're honest, there is at least a chance for a mutual respect, even if you can't be friends afterward.

    • He still wants to be my friend. but I don't want to for now. it's hard. and we had that conversation already and it is very hard. :(

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  • Sounds like you screwed up the friendship by turing it into a FWB situation. There might not be any going back now.

    • I know. but he started it. he stole me a kiss which I never expected. yeah I allowed it too. :(

    • Ah. I know who you are now =)

    • Huh? who am i

  • lol why would it matter its friends with benefits you don't have to tell him anything you can be over him anytime you want.

    • But we are best of friends before the benefits. that's why it matters. :(

    • Yeah still its friends with benefits you don't have to tell him you're over him it won't resolve anything.

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  • He is fwb, you are supposed to be over him from the beginning by definition.

    Fbw are not relationships..

    The best way to show someone you are over them, is not to think about how to show them.

    Just live your life & don't worry about him.

    It is more important that YOU believe you are over him, rather than him believing you are over him.

    • You are right about the getting over thing but we are best of freinds before the benefits started. so we do have a relationship.

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