Guys, how comfortable are you showing your girlfriend affection in public or around friends?

My boyfriend has never been one to show public displays of affection; I'm 24 and he's 25 and we've been together for 2.5 years. The other day he had friends over, he gave me a quick kiss goodbye as I was leaving; that was one of the first times I think he has openly kissed me in front of others. He occasionally will put his arm around me when were with friends or kiss the top of my head. I don't mind him being more private with his affection because our friends show a lot of PDA usually seem the most insecure, and it seems like they are trying to either mark their territory or want people to think they are extremely happy together. My boyfriend is a very affectionate guy when were alone; we have sex often but he also likes to cuddle, kiss, hug, give massages, etc. My favorite is when he wakes up during the night, kisses the back of my night, and pulls me closer. I've always found it cute how different he is around other versus alone. Guys, how comfortable are you showing your girlfriend affection in public or around friends?


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  • There is a fine line between Showing affection and "Showing Off" affection. Even when around friends.. the motive , in my opinion, should be a genuine expression of warmth and care to your partner rather than showing it to the people around! At the end of the day.. what matters is what the couple thinks about each other :) The way you described how your partner expresses himself when alone or in public is actually the ideal way of showing affection to your partner.. without actually showing it off :) Lucky you 😉 Cheers✌

  • he's sound like my girlfriend

    Don't worry as long as he is doing good in private

    usually guys show pda but in your case i think its something fishy


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