Should I stop this friends with benefits thing?

So basically this guy and I wanted to just have a friends with benefits thing. He's known to be a player and I mean I never wanted anything serious with him (still don't). We hooked up once 4 days ago. Ever since then he's not been leaving me alone, constantly asking me if I wanna hang out, every single day since then. I kept on rejecting him because i have other things going on, I guess that pissed him off. I've needed to take plan b because of him by the way and he didn't even finish me off. I mean like I wanna be able to keep on having this thing, but I feel like he's just being super unrealistic by wanting to see me all the time (also we both still live at home so it's hard to find time to see one another). He keeps on giving me so many mixed signals and we get into little arguments as if we were a couple. He seems so annoyed that I hang out with my family or my friends rather than him. What do you think he's getting at and also should I continue this or not?
Should I stop this friends with benefits thing?
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