Proper breakup or letting it fade?

I started dating this guy say 2 months ago? We were really into each other at first, and he was really sweet (like late night calls, staying up till 7 am messaging sweet crap) but now he seems to have lost interest in me. He never initiates conversations and whenever I message him he's just horny as fuck and wants nudes. I was okay with this at first, and sent him some sexy photos (not fully nude), but now it seems to be all he's interested in. I don't know if I should stop initiating conversations and just let it fade or properly break up with him?

The reason I am considering a proper breakup is because I know that I still am kind of invested in him, and letting it fade just doesn't seem right to me. However I am unsure if he feels the same way and if he was ever as invested as I was.

Input would be greatly appreciated!
Proper breakup or letting it fade?
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