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We are both each other's first friends with benefits?

I've gotten to know this guy recently from a friend of mine when we went out together. We hung before a few times and we both were so comfortable with each other that we had talked about our past sexual experiences before.

A few days ago we were supposed to catch a movie but I was not able to reach on time so he suggested to go his house instead since the movie can be found online. He was kind of hesitant about the idea at first since we haven't know each other for a very long time but I thought why not. Anyway, so we watched the movie while lying comfortably on his bed. We didn't even cuddle or anything but we did drink which then he got a little bit tipsy and started to do things like hugging me, or putting his hands on my thighs etc. I did push his hand away at first but he continued which then I just let it be.

One thing leads to another and before I know it he flipped me over so that I was facing him and we just kind of, made out and ya we had sex. I have never had a friend with benefits before because I always thought that it's weird and I can't see myself having sex with someone whom I have no feelings for. So halfway through, I kind of stopped him and said that it felt really weird because of our mutual friends and that it was my first time having sex with someone whom I'm not dating. I was the first time of his too (i know that because we talked about this before) so i asked is it not weird to him and he said that it is but there is something about me that he couldn't resist.

Do he mean that? And just to be clear, I am only seeing him as a friend, that's for sure.
We are both each other's first friends with benefits?
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