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Girls, Female sexual perspective?

Would you say that Female sexuality is more naturally developed to be LGBT
in that its more fluid, open, experimental etc etc

IT DOES appear that there are a far larger amount of LGBT females, than males
^ to be specific. Lesbians/Gay Men seem quite equal in number.. but when it comes to Bi people, bicurious people, those who are open to experimenting, those who do experiment.. IT would appear the far majority of them are women

Is this because female sexuality IS more fluid (and thus far more likely to fall on a spectrum).
Or is it some sort of societal influence (girls are forced into experimenting, or men are forced out of experimenting)

what are your perspectives on this?
IF youd like a in depth conversation, let me know and we can PM
PS! Yes I know there is no definitive statistical estimate (some claim the LGBT population is 1%, some claim a quarter of all women are Bisexual, some claim most women are bi to an extent, some claim a relatively equal amount of men/women are gay/bi.. clearly NO real answer on this in that regard).. THOUGH I also do understand its a very prevalent belief in the psychology community that female sexuality is more "Grey", and male sexuality is more "Black/White", and thus far larger amounts of LGBT females would apply.

LETS talk about this! :)
Girls, Female sexual perspective?
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