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Could my friend be pregnant?

[friend and I are 17, which is of age in our state for sexual behavior] So my friend fooled around with her boyfriend, they didn't have sex though. They only hand jobed, and gave oral. She's confused because after words she got suck in her stomach a few days after and thought maybe it was because of the pre ejaculation from the oral. She said that the semen was close to her like on her thing/blanket but it didn't exactly get inside but she can't remember exactly detail. She had her period at the end of the month but she's been like really sick in. Been stomach for the past week, she though it could be bacteria from her boyfriend, and she has a nasty egg state in her throat. Could she still be pregnant? She's never had Actual sex, but there could still be that possiblity? What are the chances I'm worried about her!
Could my friend be pregnant?
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