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Genuine apology or hidden agenda?

I was talking with a guy I met online, we spoke a few years ago and have some mutual friends.
I thought he was a good guy. My friend spoke highly of him.
During the conversation things got flirty then the innuendos until dirty. He was super horny sexting. I was a little shocked but it seems harmless enough. Then he suggests we FaceTime each other. I declined as this to me was taking it too far. I’ve never met him and am not comfortable doing what he suggested,
He must of felt awkward after and made a excuse to end the chat.
He left it saying if I ever fancied fun on the phone to let him know.
We live about 60km away so distance is a issue.

I didn’t expect to hear from him again as I’ve nit intention of pursuing him for phone fun,

He messaged me the next day apologising for taking it too far and said he thought that I might of been up for it.
I accepted his apology and told him I had encouraged it. We chatted some more and I got a sense he was trying to suss me out.

What I’m wondering is why he aplogised. And is he hoping that I will maybe change my mind and get naked on the phone for him.
I feel bad as the sexting was rather erotic and obviously I played a big part in that but phone sex isn’t what I’m after...
Genuine apology or hidden agenda?
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