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Casual Relationship?

I've had a friends + thing with this lovely guy for 3 years, he's nice and all, we never got too close.. don't think too much of him, other than a great friend.. because I knew that was something we wanted and I tend to get too attached, very easily.

Fun stuff honestly, we slept together and it was lovely, slightly awkward, but very nice, we have great chemistry haha. Doesn't change the way I feel about him, and I know I'd be perfectly happy to walk away from it, because, it is just sex.

However, I consider it to be somewhat out of character, as I've been through some stuff with my best friend and a guy I liked (he likes her and it became this big thing due to miscommunication, she didn't end up getting with him, but I'm incredibly confused about my feelings.) To further complicate the situation... I can easily say that I'm not the type to sleep with a guy for the heck of it.. I can't figure out if it was a rebound, or perhaps that I'm overthinking it? It was a rash heat of the moment decision, but I have no regrets.

But I would love some advice and thoughts on the whole situation.. :)
Casual Relationship?
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