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Do you think my boyfriend is being genuine?

Last night I was bored and wanted to mess around so I sent my boyfriend a photo of myself with my cleavage fully showing
This was our conversation:
Him - wtf? Why u send me that? People can hack into facebook messages and see that.
Me - are you srs? Thats not the response i thought i would get
Him - so u wanted a reaction?
Me - yea.. i thought you were going to be like "damn thats hot babe"
Him - wtf? No. Im not ever going to say that. you're my girlfriend. you're not a piece of meat. I have never said that stuff to you. Just dont send those type of pictures please. Its internet and things can happen.
Me - but yet you call other random girls "hot"
Him - yeah.. they are RANDOM girls. you're not a random girl. you're my girlfriend. you're a beautiful person. you're pretty and cute. you're beautiful. Remember that time when you dressed up for our 1 year anniversary? didn't i say "you look amazing" that day? I never said hot or sexy. I dont ever see you like that. You dont dress slutty. Which is a good thing. I would never date you if you dress slutty, showing your tits and your ass out. Not my type of girl who I would date and marry. So dont compare yourself to those random girls. Learn the difference. I respect you. Not them. I dont care about them. I care about you.
So yeah guys.. do you think he's being genuine about it?
Does it seem he actually thinks im attractive or not?
Im so confused 😔
Yeah seems genuine.. he does think you're attractive
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Nah dont think so.. dont think he thinks you're attractive
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Do you think my boyfriend is being genuine?
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