Break out office hoe ! Do or stay away?

A girl in a long term relationship started having rship problems and said to hell with this I'm going having sex or cheating
She came to me first wanted me badly and I left it since she's with her guy but did really like her
She took the rejection really badly like she has no guy
And now has started having sex with each coworker I work beside and it hurts
Guys that are married have girlfriends etc using them for sex
But keeps showing she wants me

Do girls do things like this it's extreme but it's messed with my mind where I find working there really awkward?
And the trying to lose feelings?
What is her game how could I go there now?
She evil or really likes me and trying to show she can have any guy?
Any other ideas


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  • It sounds like it could have been mutually beneficial. But you seem to want to be emotionally attached, which will probably be your downfall.

    • Well I'm keeping away just my mind is messed up after she got with every guy after me it's made work awkward and it's like she's doing this to get at me or to me

    • Her motives don't actually matter anymore. You've already decided that you didn't want to put your dick in crazy. Instead of agonizing over it, just hop on tinder.

    • Thats good

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  • Once a girl feels snobbed she can become really bitter

    • Where to go from there

    • Act like she got to you and she'll eventually leave you alone

    • Ya I had some feelings to cannonly try loose them now

  • What goes around comes around

    • Was I right to stay away

    • Depends on if you want to be just another friends with benefits

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