How do you respect mutual attraction?

If you see a guy and think he's hot and he sees you too and thinks the same, what is the best way for him to share that fact with you in hopes of it leading to a mutual understanding of wanting to arrange time spent together?


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  • Coffee date.

    • "Hi I think you're hot, wanna go on a coffee date?" Lol... plus I'm not a coffee or alcohol guy.

    • Yeah. Like that. Go for tea or milkshakes, then. Even hotdog works 😁

  • Say hi?

    • Lol..."hi" encapsulates all that I wrote in the description?

    • If someone came up and said all those things it would be creepy, but if they came up and said hi it would be somethig at least

    • Contradiction is all I ever hear... countless times I've heard simply saying "hi" is an instant turn-off for girls... so pardon if I don't mark your logic as "best answer"

  • Significant eye contact

    • How does that provide footing for an executable approach?

    • If she gives you the look, make a move.

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