I feel hopeless about women in general?

Let’s just say I’ve never had my fair share of luck with women. I was 25 when Iost my virginity and that’s only because I bought a prostitute. Once that was over and done with I wasn’t as self conscious and stopped overthinking sex. I’m a bit of a loner and that makes it hard to attract girls when your life isn’t thrilling. One of the girls I dated and lived with for a year ended up really hurting me after I found her cheating on me. After that happened I really fucked up my life and now I’m back with my parents at almost 30. I’m almost above water but my life is still at the bottom. I look at the women my age and the men they go for and think to myself what do I even have to offer that these men don’t? What’s the point in trying when I already get no attention from women in the first place? My picture is also online from a DUI I got after being depressed from my last relationship and drinking and driving. Why try when they will see something they don’t like and run? I’m starting to feel so down that it just makes me go through the motions and not have any excitement about life.


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  • If your life isn't thrilling go out and make it thrilling, learn something, do something new, you don't have to be a social butterfly to have some fun in your life, but if you are shy get out of your comfort zone. That girl wasn't worth it, you got a DUI you didn't muder anyone! (Just don't do it again) It will probably make it harder to find a girl, but the right one will accept you for you. You fell down now you need to get back up! Be happy with yourself before looking for a relationship, because a relationship takes work. Focus on yourself right now because you are more important!


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  • Borat think a this either one of two things, or a maybe both...

    1- You are make joking post.

    2- You are make tragic attempt at trying to make sexy time with woman that may be stupid enough to fall for a you story.

    Technical speak, sympathy sexy time not count as real sexy time. Is like make hand party when a you wear fingernail polish and say it was woman that a do it.


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  • All our lives are shit, live for yourself make the best of it, work on improving yourself and whoever is cool with that will follow.


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  • You have to love yourself, before anyone else will.

  • Don't think about girls too much just develop your career or your business, save money for buying an apartment, meet with new people, travel a lot, start learning new language. Love will come unexpectedly by itself. Good luck ;)


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