What do women hate about men?

Do women hate it when men are any of this?
  • their vastly higher libido
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  • their shyness or reserveness or introversion or quietness
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  • their gaming or technological hobbies
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  • their over the top focus on making as much money as possible at the expense of time spent together
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  • their habits of watching and getting off to porn (while they're not getting laid)
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  • their natural property of being logical and not emotional
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  • other?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • None, because I everything I hate in people is not universal to one gender, it's specific to certain people. I'll respond to each of these.
    1. Doesn't really bother me because I have a relatively high sex drive and i'm always down to fuck. I'd say I could out run every boy sexually.
    2. I'm shy, some boys are shy, some aren't. Some girls are shy. This isn't a trait just seen or is universal in men.
    3. Not really, it's cool because I would probably more into gaming but it's just too expensive and I can just play with his gear.
    4. This isn't my experience. I worked harder than my ex and my current boyfriend isn't money preoccupied.
    5. I watch porn too, so how could I judge.
    6. I think people over-exaggerate this. Women have some tendency towards emotion, doesn't mean they have an absence of logic or some women aren't more logical than men. Also I've found the men in my life are more emotion-driven than the women, just a weird observation

    • WOOOOW!
      You're thinking logically!
      I am surprised 😯
      This is awesome!
      I like it ☺

    • Awesome woman 😀

Most Helpful Guy

  • Please, where is a girl who would write "being an arrogant as*hole" or "being a creep"?


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What Girls Said 6

  • What I mainly hate is their shallowness... always being cruel to the fat ugly girls and make awful jokes about us. I know it can't be helped and a part of me wish I wasn't so butthurt about it. But unfortunately, I am lol

    Girls are pretty shallow too and I get just as mad. Basically I hate shallow people lol You dont have to like me and I can't stop you from feeling the way you towards certain people but keep to yourself. Dont be a jerk about it

  • Nothing. I love men.

    • 😍
      That's awesome! And I love women (:

  • Nothing drives me crazier than 'mansplaining'

  • Nothing

  • Being boastful/arrogant

  • Their insensitive and aggressive


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