Friends for 3 years. Serious flirting. Am I really friend zoned. Is there a next step in our "relationship" or do I need to walk away?

One of my good friends I'll call him (d) for this post from school started dating this girl. Me and d along with other friends would hang out and drink every weekend when d started bringing this girl she fit right in with the group but the only poblem was i had an immediate attention to her. It started as simple flirting I would do it in front of d. in less than a month me and her were hanging out with or without d. When she was not there we were always texting d wasn't allowed to have her stay overnight at his house because he was still in school. She started stay at my house we would stay up all night just hanging out watching movies. we started getting real comfortable touch her and there smack on the ass when walking by I would feel up her leg and she would lay on my lap. nlw while hanging out with friends while d was in the room me and her would just flert verbally but if he left to just go get a drink some sort of minor touching would go on. To take a jump here this went for a while and then I realised I was in love with d girlfriend and there was no changing it. No kissing no sex and I was in love. She was just perfect and knew how to tease me she would always want to play fight she always would have me pick her up and fake slam her on the couch/bed when I did that we would end up just looking into eachothers eyes and she would just smile it makes me tingle just thinking about it now one night we started in d was there in my living room and were just messin around I ended up just giving in and laying on the ground she got ontop of me and grabbed my hand and pushed them in between her legs them began using my hands to rub her pussy this had never happened and d was on the other side of the room I can't believe he didn't see what was going on. months go by us hanging out all the time was just the usual id stay the night at her house she would come to mine. out of characters will continue below
She would do thing like take my phone and sit on it just to get me to rub her pussy at this point we have still not had sex but she would walk around her house in just her thong and a t-shirt most of the time unless d came over and didn't care to change with me right there we would sleep in the same bed but never do anything but cuddle.. to sum it up we always flirt when were together but I guess thats all it will ever be I want to be with her but I think Im just In the friend zone.
But I do like how fun it is to play this game with her and I don't think we can be pulled apart. We have been on some ups and downs here and there but I guess I'm in it for the long hull.. but it's not costing me anything but time and I don't mind sharing it with her


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  • This is what I call a cock tease, If you please. Sounds like a Virgin who you will never get it in With... Try asking her to go Steady eddy. xx

  • She is a BIG tease! 😏


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