Do you realize the term pick me is used to attack good women?

Yep. I admit it. I'm a very religious woman. I'm a virgin, I never masturbated and I'm going to med school. You'll never catch me anywhere near a party, alcohol, drugs or smoke.

I am very picky and boujee because I know I deserve better. If you call me crazy or a pick me- it doesn't matter because you're a hater.

Only the scum of scummiest men date insecure and trashy women. The most prestigious, ambitious and smart men wouldn't touch the majority of you women with a 12 foot pole and they'd put hand sanitizer on their hands after accidentally making eye contact with you.

Don't worry about how many blow jobs I've given, because I haven't. That does make me better, because I'm pure and innocent.

I'm gonna marry a rich, stable and mature man. He's not even gonna look any of you thirsty women's way.

Why? Because everyone knows religious and prude women are sexual freaks in the bedroom. We're lady in the streets and freaks in the sheets. Too freaky, that we know our worth, even when we're virgibs.

If our sex is Oscar worthy and could win us a Grammy award, why would we be giving away platnuim gold for free?

Trust me, my husband's gonna be glad he picked the 'pick me'.

The girl that give him sex whenever and however he wants it because the Bible says to obey your husband and have lots of sex.

The girl who has never slept with anyone and saved herself for him because she respected him that much.

The girl who always gets what she wants and knows what she wants.

When your sex life is boring, dull and uneventful. Remember the crazy religious prudish pick me girl is giving her husband porn star top and sex.

I don't have to have sex with the whole world or practice with various men because I'm a fast learner who is very precise in everything she does.

I bet you can't jump from a stripping pole and do the splits on your husband.
Do you realize the term pick me is used to attack good women?
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