Please explain the immorality in the scenario of your partner sleeping with others below?

If a relationship is about more than just sex as everyone claims... emotional and intellectual connection etc... then what is the problem with sleeping with other people if:

1) your partner is upfront about it and tells you when it is happening
2) they are safe and use protection
3) they come back to you because they very obviously love you

What is the problem? Sex is just an act. It would be like me going shopping with my friends.

Keen to hear interesting opinions.


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  • I'm surprise this question is raise by a girl.

    This is because girls tend to be more emotional and pro-monogamy.

    Nevertheless, be it guy or girl, as long as emotion is involved, logic cannot explain.

    For example, if two person cannot agree, they separate. Business wise, it's not too bad. But relationship wise, there were even suicide cases reported.

    So emotional connection is beyond sex. But sex shows intimacy and connection between the couple. It leads to jealousy and comtempt, emotions that can't be explained nor treated with logical words.

    This is why humans are much more complicated than animals. We have morals, we have principles.


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  • Because the fact that the relationship is more than just sex doesn't mean or make sex just an act. For people who love each other sex is a very intimate and personal thing that's also related to emotions and not only like going out for grocery. It is actually a big part of the relationship

    So although some people are ok with the things you pointed out, a lot of them aren't because not everyone sees sex the way you do


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  • Because fidelity is a component of a good relationship

  • I agree. Monogamy is not natural for humans. Diversifying the gene pool makes it stronger, for example.


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