My girl comes with grool out of her work. Should I be worried?

My girlfriend arrives at home and when she's putting off her clothes to change, there's always a white thing coming out of her Vagina. She says its because she used to walk a lot in her job. Should i be worried about that? or not?


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  • Sounds a bit weird... On the other hand, it'd be really dumb to cheat and let the guy cum in your pussy when you're boyfriend will be home.

    So how about this. Next time: go down on her. You'll know soon enough

    • 5d

      What do you mean " go down on her "

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    • 4d

      Do you know what her pussy tastes like?

    • 4d

      I guess so, smelly xD

  • Sounds like a yeast infection, if anything.


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