Why do you guys fight ur sexual urges?

You get wet and won't mess around a lot of times, a guy gets hard and it's like pulling teeth to get him not to mess around. I'm really curious why this is. I don't get it. I had my girl get so sexually excited. While we were making out. He nipples were hard and still and she was wet through her clothes. Despite sleeping together dozens of times before she just wouldn't do it. She moved my hand away and said no. So I stopped but I dont get why this happens when men do the opposite 99% of the time


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  • It's called self control

    • Why would you need to control yourself. Usually there's no consequences

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    • See that makes sense. I respect that. I was thinking about my ex who I almost hooked up with as mentioned in the post. We even had a child together at one point. So I was super confused as to what her reason as well as other womens reasons were for it. If they happily have done it before. U'd think if they were turned on and horny they'd be all for doing it.

    • If she's an ex then she did it because u are no longer together and she doesn't want to be only used for sex. Makes sense.

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