Is their such a thing as a female metro-sexual?

Because if there is, I think I am one.
I'm the most androgynous person I know.


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  • Maybe but she would wear flannel and be a lumberjack or something like that. Dressing feminine as a woman is normal. You look feminine to me in your posts.

    • I am but I mma fight, shoot guns, fish and have a lot of male qualities in that respect.
      Huge ego, competitive, all that junk
      But love pink and high heels
      I actually have 2 pink guns
      And a collapsing rifle

    • No you just seem a little Republican. That's bad ass you have a pink 9mm.

    • A hello Kitty 9mm.
      Good readπŸ˜€

  • I never knew what "metrosexual" meant until I just looked it up moments ago. According to Google:

    Someone who is metrosexual is "a young, urban, heterosexual male with liberal political views, an interest in fashion, and a refined sense of taste."

    So, by definition, the answer is no. Or, it could be... maybe? Honestly, I don't know.


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