Which celebrity do you think about when you pleasure yourself?

I’d prefer to hear responses from ladies... but gents are welcome as well! No porn stars.Which celebrity do you think about when you pleasure yourself?


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  • None, but I know a few Girls on here who crush on Henry Cavill or Tom Holland.

    • I definitely find Henry Cavill attractive. But I’ve never pleasured myself to him.

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    • I feel the same way, so I get how it is 😄

    • Thanks for mho 😊

  • I actually don't have any I use as a visual reference that way. I prefer people I meet IRL. But in terms of celebrities I find very attractive, one of them is Emma Stone who seems so fun to hang out with.


    • I still don't masturbate to ideas of her though. Usually if there's a person and there's no porn or anything around then I just think about the girl I saw an hour ago bending over to pick things up.

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    • There is some sense as though there is only some fabric separating the sensual aspect of the flesh of the woman, and this feeling as though it is just absent a few mutual desires and willingness to go further. That's the tantalizing aspect of being surrounded by women daily, and the way the darker side of my brain and fantasies (however subconscious) sort of works.

    • But it's not full-blown caveman even if she's bending over that plants the dirty thought. There's some sense of reaching behind from her, kissing her on the neck, this sort of thing. My sexual desires are never divorced from a sensual and intimate sort of component. Anyway, that's a particularly embarrassing self-analysis, but I seem to work that way.

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  • How weird... I’ve never in my life thought of anybody famous.. that’s so unpleasurable lol to think of someone so fake and far from reality. Unless I knew them or met them before that’s different...

    • Interesting!! I don’t either but I wondered if any women did.
      And I’m shocked by the male responses... I assumed they would.

    • Haha maybe porn “celebrities” they’ve watched... but they’re not really considered celebrities... just port material

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