Why is it guys always ask "what turns you on," but then never does it, it really fricking annoys me?

I mean is it so unbelievable that you veto it. I almost always get this question and I hesitate answering it as most of the time it gives me hope that a guy is going to do a certain thing but then never does.

There's a few things I like but the main thing is I love it when my guys a tease, personally I love being a tease makes everything that much hotter. But a lot of time I don't get any replication, its like she's being a tease she's turned on and ready. Admittedly I'm generally always ready (generally no matter what I can start from go), but the only times I've considered myself really turned on, guys say I'm too wet to do anything with 😑.

Anyways off topic, I'll tell the guys my hips are a major arousal point for me, whether that's when we're sat next to each other and your had drops to stroke the side of my hip then work your fingers so they touch skin. Or if a guy were to grab me, I love it when I feel both his hands on both hips, is it also love handles as the call it, not sure.

Lastly I'd love it if anytime I start to be a tease is if it could last for me than 10/15 mins. Like having to watch a whole film or something or at least wait an hour before clothes comes off. And most of the time I don't get teased back, it's down heartening tbh almost as though cus I'm thinking about it equates I'm instantly turned on and want it super badly.

Short hand lol:

1. Is there any guy out there who likes to be teased as much as they like to tease?
2. If a girl said you touching her hips turns her on, would you actually do it (I'd love it if a guy heard that and touched them while hugging or something lol)?
3. Why do guys complain about me being too wet, I found everything he did really hot then he made me feel ashamed for liking it so much?
4. If you knew you don't have to do anything for you to enter her without hurting her, would you a actually do anything,(don't mean one time/occasion this happened several times, and just made me think he didn't care)?
Why is it guys always ask "what turns you on," but then never does it, it really fricking annoys me?
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