What am I to this guy?

Hi all.

I’m gonna try keep this all short as i can, i appolagise if it isn't short lol.

February this year i started getting close to this guy, this resulted in each other doing sexual favours, we done things and then we started having sex. When either ofus were dating someone we just drifted apart but when we both were single we kept having sex and doing things with each other again. This has been going on for 11 months now and i’ve really caught feelings. He told me he does not feel the same but we continuted getting together, i alays do everything for him on command, he asked me for a b*****b and i met him straight away cause id do anything for him. I think he knows he has so much power on me since i do EVERYTHING for him. I’ve even paid things for him etc, supported him etc.

Anyways i got really drunk the other night and when i’m drunk my true feelings come out. I’m pretty sure from what i remember i drunk called him crying saying how i feel and begging him to come round but he hates when i’m drunk, in fact he actually left me once when i was so wasted. I can't remember what was said on the calls but i remember i was crying and i’m pretty sure i said i really love him. The next morning i sent him a paragraph on how i felt and how i like him and he just saved it in the chat and ignored me. I’m so hurt as i like him so much and he knows it. He only ever messages me when he wants something sexual but i always do it for him. He knows i love him and he knows i do anything for him so easily. we used to be so close friends while having sex but after i caught feelings it all went dramatic and downhill. I know he thinks i’m beautiful he says to people i’m the best looking girl he's met but he always calls me crazy for how i feel about him. I love him though, what am i too him? Why did he ignore how i feel? Help me:(


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  • You gave yourself cheap. Guys accept cheap girls' offers but they do not fall in love with them, they only use them.


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