Everything he does pisses me off but I still like him. What should I do?

With my first boyfriend everything he did drew me in. He was so charismatic and sweet, he knew just what to say and just when to say it. His smile, his eyes, his stupid style, the stupid way he wore his hair, all of it was just so awesome to me and I fell in love with him so easily. Now that we broke up and he broke my heart just as easily as he won it, I think I changed but not drastically. I still didn't hate men, nor did I blame anybody for what happened in the past. I even forgave my ex and decided to let things go. I never expected to meet a new guy who grinds my nerves so much. He is NOT my boyfriend and I told him a million and one times that I don't want him to be my boyfriend because I dont want a boyfriend. I am friendly to him (sometimes and mildly) and we are "friends" only he has clear intentions to fuck me. Now I understand we are both adults and if I felt like fucking I have plenty if options, him included. I could text him right now and he wouldn't make a single excuse. But we do NOT get along. Everything about him makes me angry. I am attracted to him, like he is really handsome. And I do think he is funny and energetic and charismatic and manly just like my ex, even romantic. But just the way he is pisses me off. Honestly I dont know why. Maybe its because we act so civil to each other and we bicker here and there because I always tell him off. But deep down I know he wants to fuck me but he just won't say it. Im 100% sure he just wants to win me over for an ego boost or something. I like him though and if I were to ever fuck him it would have nothing ti do with love. I never lusted after someone before and I still dont because I dont have any intentions of sleeping with him. I only want to sleep with someone I love. But he draws me in as well. Im super big on vibes and while most men are neutral on my radar, he makes me want to kick him in the nuts and suck him at the same time
Everything he does pisses me off but I still like him. What should I do?
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