Do women prefer less attractive guys as bfs/partners?

As an attractive college guy i notice how women treat me and compliment me all the time and some admitted to crushing on me and been asked to a be boyfriend a few times... plus i have access to so many girls and 99% of them daydream about a hot guy being with them and make no effort to hide that they want a hot man.

I dated 3 girls and 2 were quite atttactive the third average, all of them admitted at somepoint that they find me very physically attractive , two of them broke up with me and went on to date way less attractive guys which surprised everyone who knew them , one even called her new boyfriend "safe" unlike me... iam caring, kind and very loyal but iam starting to think women dont see that at all when lookong at me... at college i see lots of hot girls dating way less attractive guys and its really weird cause plenty of hot guys do have great personalities.
Do women prefer less attractive guys as bfs/partners?
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