Girls, ever sat on someone for taking your seat? Where?

I ask because I tell all my friends that if they ever lay down on a couch to prevent me from sitting, I'll sit on their face. Literally 90% of my guy friends will purposely do this, which doesn't surprise me but it spawned this question. I have 0 boundaries so I'll actually sit on their face. Lmao. I don't expect other to choose that but I wonder how many actually go for the seat.
  • I've sat on someone's face this way
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  • I've sat on someone's chest this way
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  • I've sat on someone's lap this way
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  • I've sat on someone's legs this way
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  • I've sat on someone's (idk another location I didn't put) this way
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  • Nope, I've only made threats to do so
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  • Never even made a threat
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Most Helpful Girls

  • I’ve done this to my bestie and many times to my little cat.

    My cat loves sitting on my chair and quote stubborn to move, so what can a girl do?

    SIT ON HER OF COURSE! She tends to move after my butt is in her face lol.

    • 6d

      Understandable, I do this to my besties too. I'm guessing you sat in your besties laps?

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    • 6d

      It’s good to be comfortable around people, but you have to remember how the other person feels too. If they don’t like being close you have to respect their boundaries~

    • 6d

      I mean I have warned everyone I sat on beforehand. If they don't move, they basically accepted it. Lmao.

  • Oh yeah. If he ain't moving then he's the seat.


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What Girls Said 2

  • No lol just cussed them out inside my head

  • XD of course not. ... I just find another seat.


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