Ladies when your getting fucked do you prefer long strokes or already inside halfway sliding all the way in and halfway out strokes?

Which makes you hornier and satisfied
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  • I like to use a method I read about in Cosmo. It's called the nines, because all the strokes add up to nine.
    Give her 8 short strokes and then 1 long one.
    7 short strokes and 2 long ones (I'm talking all the way to your balls).
    6 short strokes and 3 long ones.
    5 short strokes and 4 long ones.
    etc all the way to 1 short stroke and 8 long ones.
    She becomes accustomed to the rhythm and begins to anticipate the long strokes after all the short ones. Rarely do the couples using this method get to the 1 short, 8 long stroke in the sequence. Pretty soon she's grasping your butt and tightly pulling you against her until she cums.

  • Some women like double strokes!

  • I imagine that would depend on the size of the guy

  • Most girls like it when you mix them up real good.

    Myself, usually I place myself near her cervix and pull out till just an inch inside her and then back in again. Gives her the feeling that penetration is deep. Girls tend to like that.


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