I'm going to send a message to my future girlfriend because she rejected me in the past ok?

Think about it you dumb b*tch, I'm smart, coder, turn street coder, turn, penetration tester, know anonymous, dudes, fight, in the cyber war, with Canada, seen things, PTSD, Blackhat, going to hold some rich, the illuminati company ransom for like, 1m, lowball to 10k, very sexy, like my bitches, raw bitches, FBI top 10000 most wanted, Imma become famous, in one state, on Mississippi tv, thotiana remix, I'll be back, Vegas baby, split all my 20s, have $0 now, nearly murdered by a prostitute, dumped naked in the desert, got snitched on by mom, arrested at the homeless shelter, for exposing, myself and the globalists, received free lodging, free food, and free sex, gay tho, winters passed, seasons changed, came out, ask jew ceo, yep same one, hire me as the chief of security, i hack u good, he lol at me, told me to fuck off, don't worry i did a book deal, 0 sold on Amazon, it's ok, i got this, Hollywood movie deal starring Danny DeVito, I got the role, i play an extra, scene 3 homoerotic sex scene, I died, offset, stupid director, retired life now, like Don Corleone in the godfather 1972. And like him I'm going to make you a offer you can't refuse.

So once again, I'll pick you up tonight at 7pm and after dinner you would come over and suck my dick ok bae?

From your future boyfriend
Arrows will piece the heaven and block out the sun before falling into megavolcanos as darkness looms over. Water, storms, wind, earth, fire bring forth the apolcalypse, damn globalist, that is if Cupid were to ever read that love letter because it was so goooood. Ok
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Not ok, stop, don't even breathe, mediate, lick your elbow, do not send that, you silly, goosey poo you.
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Not sure if angry by rejection, faking anger, nuclear war, trolling or somebody went insane lol
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Something else
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I'm going to send a message to my future girlfriend because she rejected me in the past ok?
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