Why would he tell me that?

So, there's this guy in my school who's become super friendly towards me, ever since I became single. And I don't know if it's because he has a crush on me, or if it's because he knows what kind of situation I am in (I have no friends, my ex boyfriend was my only friend).

This guy didn't become friendly towards me straight away after he heard I got dumped, he waited a bit. We have 3 more days left in High School.

He has invited me out 3 times. I hung out with him once, he had invited his guy friend. Next, he asked me if we could go for a train ride to see a College, the he asked me if we could go see a movie together. I said I was busy, the truth. He has my back though, he's there for me in school. He offers to keep me company.

Yesterday, we were hanging out in school, and he told me how once a girl was rubbing up on him, and he got a boner. So, mg question is, why would he tell that? We're not that close, only getting to know each other.


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  • he is trying to get close to you and I think he likes you
    However, use your intuition. If he creeps you out and it just doesn't feel right then dont hang around him


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