Girl starts crying on date with me?

It's really hard for me to get laid, I really just want to be part of the "hook up culture" where people just have sex for fun and it's all good. but nobody likes me.

So I'm dating this christian girl from choir and we click a bit. She is strange af, her last date told her she needed to see a psychiatrist and I agree but he ghosted her. she makes these strange noises randomly and makes these weird faces and wears these curtain like clothing, but she has a nice set of tits.
also when she's excited she behaves like somebody with down syndrome and she has a speech disability.

so I asked her if she had sex before, and she starts crying. apparently her best friend fucked her and then dumped her. she says she feels used, damaged and discarded.

I was thinking fuck, I wanted to do the same thing but I also thought now that I have seen her crying I don't want it anymore.
She's looking for a relationship.

What do I do now?

tl;dr dating strange christian girl who was used her as a fleshlight, want to use her as a fleshlight too. she wants a relationship.


Most Helpful Girl

  • You are such a tool. People like you tick me off!!! That girl has obviously been hurt and shows signs of being mentality ill. Yet all your horny ass wants to do is try to further confuse and hurt her?


    How about you leave her alone before you further upset her and find a girl that is okay with just doing hookups?


Most Helpful Guy

  • She already doesn't trust men, if you do the same thing as the last guy she will now trust men much less than before and hate you, but you might get laid. Depends if that information matters to you or not.


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  • Your fucked up!!! Just leave her alone and don’t be a douche. Hope some decent guy can appreciate her because she sounds like a nut case.

  • She is not what you are looking for , if you only want sex why do you go for this type of girls (christian..) , use hook up apps or find a friend with benefits

  • How are you dating while being married?


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