Are there actually any girls on here that like creepy dudes who are extremely sexually confronting?

I just feel like there's so many of these guys online, that maybe it actually works for them sometimes.


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  • I have some theories that I think it’s a mix of:
    1.) Some guys lack flirting ability, or rather they overestimate it. They may overestimate their dating worth too. Because of this, they try to pickup girls online by coming on way too hard. They’re just irresistable, right? No way a girl is going to think that the guy is lying about having a “9 inch longjohn.”

    2.) They’re going for an en masse approach and don’t have time do the equivalent of “wine and dining” is on the internet. They assume a high rejection is going to happen and figure it’s more beneficial to just cast the net wide and hope someone a little more naive or open will respond favorably. It’s like shooting a gun 10 times that has a 75% chance of hitting a target vs shooting a gun 100 times that has 15%. There isn’t a lack of people on the internet, so the source doesn’t constrain them. Downside is you piss off more people in the process by pesturing them with the up front approach, but some people just don’t care.

    3.) They’re getting baited into false/inflated senses of success by catfish. The upfront or “creepy” approach truly works a miniscule amount of time as you’d suspect. However, the other times where a person responds in high favor and seems to enjoy it, it’s actually a catfish aiming for that. It’s a gay or bisexual dude somewhere out there claiming to be a Double D tall skinny 18 year old blonde girl. “She” just happens to be sexually open and constantly horny/having sex. Sexual conversation happens, and talk of nudes is dismissed or ignored. (That, or fake photos are brought up.) Things end at some point. Catfish gets what he/she wants.
    The guy thinks he was successful though, so he takes his “flirting” as the way to go about it. It worked for him all those times before right? (Apart from them being catfish and such.) Thus, he is falsely conditioned that he is being successful.


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  • There are about 50 million men in America between the ages of 18 and 40.

    Of all the guys you run into online you probably tend to remember the creepy weird ones and don’t remember the ones that acted normally.

    The creepy weird ones get nowhere or they’re smart enough to know they can’t act like that irl.

    Ofc there are women that wanted to marry Charles Manson while he was in jail. So, point is you can’t let a minority of fucktards define your thoughts for entire swaths of the human species.


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