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Americans 16-24, who would u bet on?

A guy from a culture that stresses mental discipline going up to a thick American college girl (cellulite on her legs) who's a cute brunette in Nike tempo shorts, who's keeping a straight face on him while he tries to ignore her upper legs in those shorts and not look down so his mouth won't drop, and then he can get through her straight face. Who do u bet on to win, him or her?
Him, for sure. He ignores that cute brunette's thick legs easily, even in her Nike tempo shorts, and gets through her straight face
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It's close, and he may struggle, but I don't think her upper legs in those can get him, and her straight face won't last
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She's that thick? In Nike tempo shorts? Poker faced? She destroys him, no problem. Jaw drops HARD, her poker face frustrates him.
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It's close... but I think her thick legs in those are too much for him. His jaw drops in defeat.
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Americans 16-24, who would u bet on?
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