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Are men naturally polygamists?

In nature the male is often found with a group of females. The natural instinct encourages him to mate often and with many females. In ancient times this was often the case with humans as well. Why do we discourage in humans what seems to be the way we are naturally designed? Please leave morals and ethics out of your reply, they are undebatable for most. Are men are designed for multiple partners and if so, why do we put such a cultural taboo on this? Or conversely why are human males unfit for a common male trait?
Human males are naturally designed for multiple sexual partners.
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Human males are naturally designed for only one sexual partner.
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27 d
*I am referring to “polygamy” in the traditional sense of a man taking multiple partners in the husband role. Providing, protecting, etc... not for casual sex.
Are men naturally polygamists?
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