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Is this the case for you?

Is this the case for you?
This study indicated that looking at an attractive person can, in some people, activate the same brain reward regions as alcohol and drugs.
Is this the case for you?
When you look at a person that you're sexually attracted to, does it activate a "high"? (You don't have to have tried alcohol/drugs to answer. Just answer regarding whether you find it to be a "high" or not.)
Yes, looking at attractive people is very pleasurable. It's almost like a "high".
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Looking at attractive people is pleasurable, but not THAT pleasurable.
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I just think "oh, that person's attractive." That's it.
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I don't think anything of it
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It's pleasurable, but equally frustrating
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It's pleasurable but even more frustrating
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It's only frustrating
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Is this the case for you?
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