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Such a thing as a SizeQueen?

My partner has got a new theory, well apparently not new, Years of probing questions, storytelling with vodka, and his quest to know every detail of every guy IV been with has led him to 'factually believe' that before him and us, I pursued men known or unknown to me with an above average sized penis. Maybe he's right. You tell me? I'm 29 and had intercourse with 42 different partners. More than half I'm saying majority were above the 8 inch mark. How do I remember this? Under instruction I made A complete list of the 42 names, as detailed as possible the situation and story of the encounter, then with a variety of dildos in my hands I tried to match the dildo to the dick in my mind. Roughly the results. 7inch n under 5. 7-8inch 10. 8-9 inch 18. 9-10 inch 7. 10inch+ 2.. Soo yea science says the majority of men fall in the 7inch and below category, ha which as my list shows I avoided as best I could.! Of course women prefer a larger penis (mostly) biology states the more the vaginal tunnel is put under pressure, more nerve endings and stimuli will fire under contact creating the toe curling sensations we all love. So am that different to the lady next to me, does she look at the bulge in his pants before the colour of his eyes, memorising every man's name that some skinny bitch whinged about being too big. IV never found a man too big, I enjoyed being fisted from an early age (19). my fav. dildo is our latest and of course largest. I want to feel zero shame in saying out loud that i want, desire and prefer sex with men with BIG penises. please tell me I'm not alone? Advice, opinions, dicpics welcome.
Such a thing as a SizeQueen?
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