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Guys, does anyone else hate getting erections?

Hello all,
So I guess I would be labeled as genderqueer.. I was born a male.. married twice to two beautiful women.. I've known my whole life that was born in the wrong gender.. I am Bi, my ex and current wife know all of this. I dress more on the effeminate scale..
My current and ex wives would go for months without any kind of sex/physical touching.. I've always been very sexually active and have never had an issue with being ready when they want to play.. over the last 10 years I have grown to hate getting erections.. I would be more than happy to orally please them or use a strap on/toys. My current wife has my 100% blessing to sleep with other people (and she has, and tells our friends I'm ok with it).
I dont know what to do with my disdain for my erections. Does anyone else ever feel that way?
Guys, does anyone else hate getting erections?
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